lauantai 28. maaliskuuta 2015

Lady in black

Now it´s time to introduce the lady behind the blog.
This post only in english cause I think that I get more descriptive
inscription to the photos.
So, Aallotar and her style is...

sometimes folk metal..

 black metal..

sometimes humorous

slutty.. (going to Carpathian forest show)

sometimes with antlers :D


daughter of the forest
married <3  yea my husband calls me ein führer

motherly <3
one with the earth
always a 100% hillbilly
victorian  (midsummer style)
and finally, without any makeup (blog challenge).

So, I may describe me as an cameleont, who dresses how she ever happens to feel like.
I love the fact that I have the courage to be just me, 100%  :)

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