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 Morrigán- phantom queen 
is a figure from Irish mytology.

 The primary themes associated with the Morrígan are battle, strife, and sovereignty. She most frequently appears in the form of a crow, flying above the warriors. Most popular legend is her embodiment as a crow where her representation as the goddess of death is most complete with crows/ravens frequent appearances on battlefield and birds eye view from above to view the world from below.

This one song has been playing with my mind since it was released. 

I was not so keen to Children of Bodom while I was teenager or young adult.
COB was one of the 1st metal bands that my spouse listened as a youngster about 17 years ago, and oh boy was he the biggest fan :D  He even made a fan page to COB back in the days.
I mean
you can almost see trough to Hatebreeder disc he has owned since it was released 1999 :D


However, last summer while we were at Joensuu and Nightwish consert, I heard also COB live for the 3th time.

This time it sounded totally different, in a good way.
Wirman played synth almost better than Holopainen himself, wtf? :D
So I can say that I was pretty damn impressed.
I have listened their old albums every once in a while and now I think I really have to get to know 
I worship Chaos-album too.

Sauna Open air 2013

Bodom beach barbeque at Tuska 2014
Joensuu 2015
 As you can see, every year I´ve drifted carefully but determinedly closer to stage :D


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