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Beauty Tricks of a Demonical Housewife

Aargh it was so difficult to catch a headline for this post :D
Anyways, I want so show a recipe for those who are interested of facial care and lightening your skin tone.
Yep, this facial treatment is meant for to nurish your skin but also lightening it up!
For me the starting point is pretty easy.
I have been lurking in the shadows my whole adult life
( Did not fancy sunlight earlier either)
so never really catched any sunlight nor damage to my skin.
Picture is taken outside but under our roof so that u can see my colors.
I use some translucent and white powder on my makeup. 
But I want to be even more pale!
( Actually main purpose for me is to tone down my acne scars and redness
 which I got by hormone changes while breastfeeding my daughter).
Sorry ´bout my asymmetric eyebrows, they just are.

I´m just starting this experiment so do not have any "after"-photos yet but we can compare these after few weeks.
I really recommend to use this face mask only about once or twice a week because of it´s peeling features and the citric acid so you minimize the risk of any damage happening on your skin.

Trying this on one´s own risk!
So, the ingredients are;
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Honey
- Granulated sugar
- Lemon 
- Parsley 
( from my own garden)
If u want just a facial treatment without any lightening effect
 just skip the lemon and parsley. 
Everyone can figure out the right proportion of all the ingredients but I will put just about a table spoon  ( 1½ of sugar ) of everything for a one time face and body scrub.
That is the reason why I did buy lemon squash instead fresh fruit.
I added the sticky ingredients last.
I got this recipe from a vlog of a stunning goth lady from New Zealand.
So if u want to know more, ask and I will tell ;)
I am pretty comfortable with this experiment since all the ingredients are natural and also eatable.

I wore this outfit today and it reminds me of 50´s housewifes
all though it is mostly gothic than pin-up style.
Yes I slept with moist hair again! Damn :D
top: from Lidl, other clothing: thrifted
I ordered couple long lasting lipglosses 
from Menow (Ebay) and they arrived today.
I am wearing red one today
 ( on the top of Lumene Natural Code: Vintage Red
 which I applied earlier)
and will try on that nude one tomorrow.
Will it stay on my whole workday?
Cost for one lipgloss was 89cents including posting so really cheap
 product we got here.
I do not know anything about the ingredients but I trust my body.
It will tell if there is something inappropriate for me.
Sometimes I got some symptoms like itching even from some lip balms..
So, my summer vacation is now officially over and I´am feeling so refreshed
and full of energy.
( and the heat wave is yet on it´s way, do´h!)
I hope that I´ll got this same
 feeling when my alarm clock goes on tomorrow morning :D
~ Aallotar ~

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