sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2016

Flight tickets & Graveyard Shift

Awww!!!!! :D
We just purchased our flight tickets and booked a hotel
Well, can you guess where?

I was just a baby when last time visited there, so I am pretty damn excited!
We are hopefully going to listen some black/pagan/sognametal
in a quite or at least nearly authentic atmosphere.
More about the upcoming show can be read here; 
Our weekend was otherwise pretty ordinary.
I was working both friday and saturday nights.
Friday I went to library and came home with two books.
Have never read Bram Stoker´s Dracula before, shame on me!
But I will soon.
Other book is about hunting spells ( is that even a word?).
Taivaantakoja got me a new phone,
Galaxy J5 because my old Lumia started to shut down without any reason what so ever.
So had to test that camera in different illuminations even on my "lunch brake" in the middle of the night :D
Camera shows my true hair color pretty well.
It is something like sand blonde/toffee and I like it very much.
1.Meidän kellarimaisen makuu/takkahuoneen pimeydessä keskellä päivää, 2. Knut kokkaa & 3. Sisar hento sinivalkoinen xD
I found some estonian chanterelle mushrooms at Lidl and because of the
reasonable price of 4€/500grams,
I bought and we ate those with some ham and onions.
I am going to mushroom hunt at our own forest later at fall with my mother,
but these will do just fine until that.
Knut is a fine little chef already ;)
Though, can be as snappy as Mr. Ramsay time to time.
Never Googled BM Memes before...never should neither :D
Since this morning I have suffered a major headache,
 but despite it I went to
 fleamarket and bought a bunch of vests and one belt on a fair price of 6€.
I will do a thrift post when I am back to my normal state of health.
I also got this tiny book 2nd hand last week.
Book is about
Paganism in ancient Finland.
 It is written in old finnish so can be pretty difficult to read but I think I will manage it.
viikonloppupullo ja leijuvat lehdet <3
( Kirjoittelen välillä englanniksi enempi ylläpitääkseni kielitaitoa).
Osaan olla siis überpihi ihan typerissä asioissa mutta toden totta.
Viikolla juon yleensä pelkkää vettä koska en raaski ostaa Vichy Novellea ja muut vissyt ei kelpaa.
Yleensä viikonloppuisin sitten hemmottelen itseäni 2-packilla Citronellea.
Tänään teki kuitenkin mieli astetta tyjympää tavaraa joten testasin tuommoisen
 Kane´s Lemon & Dragon Fruit Soda Popin.
( Taivaantakoja höyryttää usein  lohikäärmehedelmää ja tykkään tuoksusta tosi paljon).
Kerrassaan ihanaa juomaa.
Paras limu mitä oon ikinä maistanut joten taitaa olla mun vakioperjantaipullo tästä ees päin :D

Semmoinen viikonloppu.
Tai no teknisesti ottaen omani alkaa vasta nyt.


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