maanantai 4. heinäkuuta 2016

Where Shadows Forever Reign

As much as I am a pagan metal gal to my core,
there is always the darker side.
I´m heavily married with a black metallist,
there for I listen black metal a lot and also get aesthetic influence from it.
 Leather, band shirts and black color still dominates my wardrobe, but
few years ago my style was more dressing up, vampirism and romantic clothing.
Corset lacing, fishnet, lace, pvc, bullet belt´s and high heels.
Since I got a steady job, 
I really could not appear at my work place in fishnet tights.
So my style changed into more simple direction.
That is surely a shame and
 recently I have had a desire to go back to old ways.
After a long time, I did use my white facial powder and black lipstick today :D
(Why does Stargazer make so bad lip and eye products
when their powder and nail polishes are excellent? )
Musicians mix  those two genres so well, I mean
black and pagan metal
so maybe it is time to do so in my clothing as well.
I made this chain accessory from old chains, pendants
 and an old and very much loved necklace of mine.
Cross is 100% silver and heavier than other pieces so I had to 
hang it seperately with an o-ring.
Oh I did not even realize how much I´ve missed wearing my blouses.
This one especially is very soft and comfy to wear.
It has black glittery buttons, ruffles and all  <3
Blouse: 2nd hand (
Shorts: Living Dead Souls 2nd hand (
Tights: Lidl
Deer Necklace: Ebay
Chain ornament: DIY
Raven skull ring: free gift from Dahlia Deranged
Hair Accessory: Sinelli/Prisma
Other chain is my keychain and in everyday use.
Have you ever noticed that Lidl really sells some quality clothing?
Sometimes they have really nice stockings, underwear, tops and so on.
Like these fishnet tights.
They were so pretty that I bought two pairs.
This pair is bit ripped already but I don´t mind.
I have really enjoyed my "wear everything you own"-challenge so far.
I have a massive wardrobe obviously since it took one whole room to stock it so there will be a lot of outfit posts in the future.
70% of my clothes are thrifted so I refuse to feel
 any guilt by this fact!
I buy new only if I can´t find it 2nd hand.

...or get rid of it. Seriously.

"From tombs of forgotten times,
I summon thee from thy sleep
Across the river, ferocious and wild,
from the graves and vaults of my thoughts"
~ Unchain My Soul~
Listening new Dark Funeral album;


4 kommenttia:

  1. You are adorable. I LOVE that outfit. I agree with you on their lipsticks. I recently bought a black one and a purple one and was dissappointed. Looking good, girl!

  2. So we have bought the same shades from Stargazer :) I have black, purple,lilac and glittery red lipstick from them but only lilac one has decent quality O.o
    Oh ,thank you Sylvie <3 I must really wear my laces and ruffles more! Been hiding in same everyday clothes for two years now! First I hated my really short short hair back in 2014 and nothing looked good with it, and then I just forgot how fun it is to put some effort to outfits.. * shame on me*

  3. Love your look! I too buy a lot of second-hand cool stuff! I spend my Sundays at yard sales and go thrift shopping once in a while.

  4. It is a whole different kind of experience and thrill to find something cool 2nd hand cause you know it is not something u can pick at some store shelf isn´t it? :) I actually hate shopping in stores, only go when I absolutely have to. But of course I love Ebay and online-shopping, and there + gigs and festivals I buy my 30% of new clothing.