torstai 11. elokuuta 2016

Without Ceremony and Bell Toll

When I was 11 years old
I read a book regarding my
 home village and the history of it.
My grandmothers family have been living
there over 300 years so naturally my family had it´s own section on that book.
Most interesting part of the book was a chapter where
the author told about a male witch who lived at my home village in 17th century.
 ( Well a photo of my grandmom´s brother was pretty interesting yet scary too cause he looked just like my brother did 50 years later!)
The witch left his mark to history book obviously by a witch-hunt trial.
( He did not get a death sentence).
Sometimes I just wonder what spells were laid upon my
home forest..
maybe for the future generations to sense.
 Jaw harp post
left me a pile of nice photos.
So here are the rest of them.
I like that outfit very much.
That long chiffon thingy reminds me of Tarja Turunen and the
 golden years of Nightwish.
Especially video "Over the Hills and Far Away".
Dress: H&M
Deer skull necklace: Ebay
Glass horn necklace: Tippet
My Saaga bracelet by: Kalevala Koru
Raven skull bracelet: Dahlia Deranged
Other stuff: Thrifted

where shall I put this damn antler hmm.. x)
Few of us are born with higher knowlegde.
Something that shamans and necromancer´s
have worked so hard to achieve generation after generation.
So never dare to think that autistic people are something less than you.
That thought just might come back at you,
and not in the nicest way.
What does he see when he got that look in his eyes..
 Ancient days of witch hunt are long gone
(in Europe).
But just to get things to right perspective,
people like my son were
shut to mental institutions and were tormented with ways like electric shocks
 (to cure the illness)
just few decades ago.
that is just how good
and emphatic race humans are.

"Our blood is not our own.
It is a gift to generations yet unborn.
We should carry it with responsibility."
-unknown heathen-
Darkwoods My Betrothed ~ Without Ceremony and Bell Toll

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  1. What a lovely outfit! And I have to admit I'm jealous of your family's lengthy history. It's difficult to track my roots with all the name changes and immigration. I have some family members who I believe have a form of high functioning autism, maybe even myself a little. My mother failed to diagnose my brother, and she has many of the symptoms herself she just doesn't see that. I think perhaps she's in denial or something. There's nothing wrong with being autistic, regardless to what degree a person has it. They're still ordinary people who think differently.

    1. Thank you for your comment <3 And thank you so much for sharing your story about your family. You are wise and a kind soul when you obviously see the human being first, not autism.
      I see some same features in me than my son, all though autism does not run in Knut´s genes. He has gone trough every possible examination and only thing that explain his situation (deep autism) is his celebral hemorrhage during fetal period caused by my HELLP-syndrome.

  2. I love the story, outfit and your hair! I love every thing about this post!

    1. This is the best possible comment that a blogger can ever get, thank you so much Sylvie! <3

  3. I don't know if I told you I studdied Wicca for a while and wanted to practise but was more a "fluffy bunny" (have u heard the expression before? You know "people who aren't real witches") than anything else. Still, I am interested in Pagan culture and it's nice to see people who are genuinely into it.

    1. No, never heard that before :D Sound so sweet haha. I´m not a wiccan neither, it is absolutely not my thing. I hope that I can one day call myself a traditional witch cause I want to learn more and develope my mind. I can sense stuff before it happens sometimes and that is odd. My son does the same. I would also love to learn more about herbalism. I´m just an ordinary heathen for now :)