maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2016

From Time To Eternity

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We had our All Hallow´s
Day this saturday.
It is a common habit
to visit graveyards and light a candle
for our loved ones whom
already gone from time to eternity .
We do not claim this
(All saint´s Day)
in any other way since we are
but it was a very special time of a year
for my passed grandmother and for her
honor we bloody will go there every
It is 5 p.m. in southern Finland and this
darkness we have and it is getting deeper
all the way to winter solstice.
So, we do not have a Trick or Treat tradition
(but on Ostara we do).
Instead our children go to
honour our ancient ones,
(hopely) with their parents
or other living
loved ones.
What a blast :D
Actually, my daughter was thrilled to go there with me, even
though she was a bit anxious when
trees made that crackle sound that they do when there is frost.
Never a bad timing for a selfie,
this time a bone garden one :D


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