torstai 29. joulukuuta 2016


"Olivat naisia kummannäköisiksi puettuina, paperia ja muuta vaatteiden päällä. Iltapäivällä tulivat, ja kun pääsivät tupaan, alkoivat tanssimaan.
 Jos ei keyrittärille mitään annettu, niin menivät navettaan tekemään lehmille ilkeyttä."
-Iisalmi, Samuli Paulaharju b)3678.1909-
  Kekrittäret olivat valkoisiin pukeutuneita kummitusmaisia 
naishahmoja, saattoivatpa kasvotkin olla peitetyt valkoisella harsolla.

Nämä olennot, liekö henkiä
vai hassusti pukeutuneita kylän naisia, kiertelivät 
Kekrin tienoilla kekripukin
kera talosta taloon vaatimassa kestitystä. 
Muinaisten suomalaisten vuosi vaihtui 
Kekriin, joten
ajattelinpa modernin
uuden vuoden kunniaksi
muistella tätä 
Wanhaa perinnettä.
Kekritär hahmona muistuttaa minua
tuosta suomalaisen
Kekritär is a female character
wandered along village roads with
at Kekri time of the year.
Kekritär was dressed in white and
looked like a ghost.
Character reminds me of
a female forest phantom
in finnish mythology 
(and of course an amazing finnish metal band!)
Why I am dressing as Kekritär
For the honour of ancient
day New Year celebration.
In Finnish folklore, 
Ajattara (also known as Ajatar or Ajattaro) is an evil female spirit of the forest, “the devil of the woods”. She has many forms and depending on the description, she’s said to be a witch, a ghost, a snake or a dragon. Ajattara spreads diseases and plague and anyone who looks at her becomes sick. It was believed that Ajattara was the reason why people got lost in the woods and her name is probably derived from the Finnish word ajattaa; ‘to lead’, ‘to pursue’.


keskiviikko 28. joulukuuta 2016

Wheel of the Year

In the old days,
finnish folks started their new year when
(a finnish harvest celebration)
was feasted at the end of October/early days of
So, it is perfectly natural that several of those old
Kekri traditions
have been transformed
to our Yuletide and modern day
 New Year´s Eve.

There was another reason also.
Well christian church did not tolerate
Kekri as it´s form of a
pagan celebration.
 But as it is known, old traditions 
lived very strongly in
the heart  of a finn.
So folks kept their old habits
but under the veil 
of Christmas,
so it was apparently
fine  for
church point of view
since those habits are alive and
kicking on this very day.

Now I wanted to introduce
some of those traditions.
This grim creature sometimes
perceived as an anti-Santa Claus.
It was this goat-like manly character who
wandered from house to house, came in, 
and typically demanded food from the household
 and especially leftover alcoholic beverages.

Children were often scared by the thought:
"If you are not behaving well after Yule, Nuutti
will take your presents away 
(and spanks you on the butt)". 
Actually Nuuttipukki is identical to Kekripukki,
visiting on winter time,
Saint Knut´s Day
13th of January to be precise.
( before year 1708 it was
on 7th of January).

No wonder that our Knut has an affinity to
He´s named after one.
Nuuttipukki is
older character in Nordic
folklore than Santa himself.
Photo from our family album. This "Santa Knut" visited my family in the late 70´s ( I think it is grandpa)
Nuuttipukki from Pinterest

Straw ornaments & bells:
Material and the form of a goat
indicates to their
descending from Kekri.

Time of Kekri, bells were used to
let the spirits know that
Kekri celebration is going on
when Kekripukit and Kekrittäret
walked on  village roads .
Honouring the dead:
Oh when ever we have the chance.
Very important to most finns.
Yet foreigners do not understand this always.
Like my partly russian
acquaintance said
"You finns just do not know how to party.
Wheeping and mourning when ever possible.
Even christmas carrols are mostly sad" :D
Actually mourning and honouring
is two whole different things you see ;)
From our family album. Finnish  Funeral in late 40´s or early 50´s

Feasting with ancestors: 

Keeping food on the table for past relatives
and spirits over the Yule night was a habit in my 
childhood home and I will try to keep up that tradition also.
Feasting with ancestors and the actual
menu of traditional Yule dinner
descents from Kekri.
Or how about carrot or rutabaga casserole,
or a ham?
Me, Yule 1992
New Year´s Tin:
Melting tin on a fire place, dipping it to cold water
and Voila!
You can read your future. 
Predicting future was one the old
Kekri traditions and 
tin melting was one of those 
referencing to
"Vainajainpalvelus muinaisilla suomalaisilla"
(pages 171-172)
Last but not least,
Always been a 
sacred place for avarage finn.
In the old days
Sauna was the place to gave
birth, as well as washing
the  bodies of deceased.
On Kekri and Yule it was and is a habit
to clean yourself on sauna, both
mentally and physically.
It gives perfect chance to
spirits go and enjoy
Kekri/Yule dinner while
hosting family is at Sauna and 
vice versa :D

Soon it will be
 New Year´s Eve
and our modern day 
Wheel of the year is turning 
once again.
I have never felt New Year´s Eve
 magic since it is purely
man made celebration.
There for I was a volunteer for morning
work shifts :D
Probably some tin melting will happen here,
but that is about it.
Peikkotyttö and Taivaantakoja 
are waiting for fireworks
and I think that they will go to  watch some
light show. 
Since Knut does not like those loud sounds that fireworks make,
I will have some company at home too
( Winter photo of little me and our
beloved Karelian bear Dog Jesse sometime in late 80´s.
She was not named after Jesus but Jesse James :) 


lauantai 24. joulukuuta 2016


Some pictures of our
this year.
We decided to do this (mostly)
 in traditional

So I sew us a
Taivaantakoja brought me 
flowers with
 on our
wedding anniversary day,
20th of december..
On winter solstice
we burned fire to
keep evil spirits away..
Taivaantakoja decided to wear
some Yulered colour for the sake of

And since one of us is pagan and one of us is an
Taivaantakoja´s version of
Yule dinner with ancestors..
Well how far back are u ready to go he said..
 But really.
We had some candles that
I once gave to my nana 
and she gave those back to me before she died.
I lighted one on her dying day
9th of december 2010
and this 
 I lighted three more of those.
Peikkotyttö said that candles acted bit
strange during our dinner so maybe
she could sense that we missed her and my

Happy children..
.. and of course since Santa visited  us :)
We were lucky enough to have 
snowy yule
 but yet Santa told that he came
with a helicopter since it was a bit rainy.
Santa brought Knut one of his
spare suits
so we had a little Santa here for the rest of the evening..
I got a cowbell 
from my mama
and some hyacinths.
We wish you all  happy
and peaceful 

sunnuntai 18. joulukuuta 2016

Noiduttu Uimahuone & Keskitalven Kokko

”Taivas oli melkein musta,
mutta lumi oli kuutamossa kirkkaan sinistä.
Meri nukkui jään alla,
ja syvällä mullassa juurien välissä
 pienet mönkijäiset näkivät unta keväästä.”

- Lainaukset kirjasta Tove Jansson: Taikatalvi-
Perheen perinteitä noudattaen
väkersin kasaan piparkakkutalon.
Laskeskelin että Peikkotytön
olemassaolon aikana olen tehnyt piparitalon
yhdeksänä vuonna kymmenestä.
Ensimmäisen vuonna 2006
ja aloitin suoraan
En sitten vaikeampaa keksinyt.
2014 oli sitten poikkeus.
Tällöin lapset saivat
Se ei ole täydellinen,
mutta paras mahdollinen :`)

Tein uimahuoneeseen värilliset ikkunalasit
töpöttämällä sinistä elintarvikeväriä
Ikävä kyllä lätkäisin katon paikoilleen ja muistin
vasta sitten että sisälle
piti asettaa tuikku.
Katto lensi jo kerran
p*llun päreinä ympäri
kasvihuonetta joten
ollaan onnellisia että se on ja pysyy paikoillaan.
Never mind if we have no light.

”Nyt yksinäiset, hurjat
ne tulevat, kurjat
~ Rumpua lyö ~
Ahnaasti syö liekki jo puuta!
Hännät ne paukkaa
tanssissa laukkaa
~ Rumpua lyö ~
Lyö sekä tanssii
  kun musta on yö”.
Picture from book: Moomin Magic Winter (Midwinter bonfire)

Moomin Midwinter Bonfire scene in english

I made a gingerbread house
 for my children,
like almost every year before.
This was 9th house I have ever made.
Year 2014 was an exeption,
when my kids had their gingerbread house from my mother.
This house is surely not the greatest on earth,
but it is the best possible one for us :D
We chose to do
Moomin Magic Winter
 themed house or
should I say,
Moomin beach hut.
(I have not read Magic Winter in english so
I do not know that authentic
translation for it?).
We re-acted that scene where
Lady of the Cold rides with her
frozen horse and freeze
Little My.

Moomin Magic Winter scene: Lady of the Cold