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Helm of Awe, is an
Icelandic magical stave.
 Helm of awe (or helm of terror) is used to induce fear 
and to protect against abuse of power.
Icelandic magical staves
 "are symbols called Galdrastafur in Icelandic, and are credited with magical effect preserved in various grimoires dating from the 17th century and later. According to the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft, the effects credited to most of the staves were very relevant to the average Icelanders of the time, who were mostly subsistence farmers and had to deal with harsh climatic conditions."
" The Norse god Odin's twin ravens would daily spy
 on mankind and then fly to him and tell him of all of their deeds and exploits."
I have desired to purchase this giant
raven skull pendant since it cought my eye
some time almost year ago.
Now when Yule is right behind the corner,
I thought, why not?
This necklace is by
Alchemy Gothic 
England and
very 1st item from them to me.
I´m trying so hard to be shorter than I am with those heels
I had an image where I would wear this
piece with some
black ritual cloak
but instead I chose something
romantic and steamy with it.
(All clothes are 2nd hand).

I miss wearing my goth boots!
I have not worn these Electras 
I think at least in two years.
I have these gorgeous
spats from Lip Service to go with
the heels.
Actually it is way too icy and slippery
to wear these outdoors
right now but a lady can dream
I just noticed that those spats came with
removable chains so I think
I will find some other use to them
too in the near future.
When talking about Icelandic
magical staves...
 A stave used when making
 a pair of pants made from the skin of a dead man
 that are capable of producing an endless
 supply of money.
(Grim folk the Icelanders are aye?) .
I have not actually listened all of
the new Wardruna album.
I am listening to myself 
and pick a song or 
two with grate patience
when I am in the right mood.
So I enjoyed this song for the very first
time today.
Those drums just blew my mind away!
I would so like to be at
Vikingskipshuset Oslo on
Winter solstice  ,
when Einar is performing.
Acoustic show 
among ancestor spirits.

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