sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2017


My first attemp ever
to make a video :D
Or a proto video at least.
We were watching
the biggest
lightshow in Finland
on New Year´ Eve.
We were at Kotka,
Gulf of Finlands coast town,
and the birth place of my children.
 Kotka´s location stands
Vikings Varangian Way.

Show was 20 minutes of flaming fireworks!
It looked like they would blow
Karhuvuori away for good.
We stand approx. 5km from the main location,
on the seaside.
Me and Knut were supposed to drive around during
the fireworks but
since we stayed
so far wrom actual site,
atmosphere was not so nosy and there for
Knut could enjoy the show too.

I am considering
of starting a vlog
from a perspective
finnish pagan.
Ancient spirit in this modern society..
Tough life.
But yes,
it may be a bumpy road and this one is purely a rehearsal piece.
I am not saying will it happen or when it
will happen.
Just a thought.
I love writing more so it would be
purely a side hobby :)
If you liked my video, please
subscribe and you will know when time is right.
I used a song of
since new year is the time
purification in every way.
 With a permission
of performing artist
of course.

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