perjantai 24. helmikuuta 2017


So, winter laid it´s cold spell upon us again.
Spring is still near, since sun
is already warming.
 So weather was perfect
for a day outdoors even though
thermometer showed -9 celsius this morning. 
We had a Workplace Health Promotion
day at national park Repovesi,
This is the 18th
outdoors/experience weekend held
at Repovesi
We got to walk 5km
on the top of a frozen (Goatlake) Vuohijärvi
 with snowshoes
and really had a blast.
Everybody got the chance to choose
their activity,
and I chose
snowshoes cause I have never tried those before.
Other interesting ones would have been ice skating or a dog sled
We walked all the way to Kinansaari,
where we had the possibility to enjoy
hot juice and pancakes.
Later we had lunch at Orilammen maja
camping centre.
To have some challenge for a 5km snowshoe walk
I did hurt my leg pretty badly last night and there for had
a 5cm long deep cut on my foot sole today.
Yet I´m still happy that I went , dispite that now I live in agony :D
Landscapes of Finland
are worth of some agony aren´t they?

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